Friday, February 27, 2009


A note on postings, or lack thereof:

As anyone who has visited on a regular basis has doubtlessly noticed, I sometimes go a week or two at a time without posting. I want to make it clear why these lapses occur.

The project I am working on now, that is, the comics you have seen recently on this site, are not meant for "internet consumption." I am making these pieces specifically to showcase and sell as individual artwork. This means I often do work too large to fit in my scanner without some difficulty. As a result, readers of this blog only see select comics. To make it up to you, I've posted two I know you'll enjoy.

To see all the work I've produced, check out my show at the Redwing Cafe, located at 1700 SE 6th Avenue here in Portland, Oregon. It will go up on Monday or so and be on display the entire month of March.

All the best,

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