Friday, February 29, 2008

America: Now 90% Free

I wrote this after reading several articles about 1 in every 100 American citizens being in prison. Somehow, this number changed in my head to 1 in 10. So this comic is a massive exaggeration.

Oh well, sometimes it seems like 10%.

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Mumia said...

The number of people in federal prison is something like 1 in 150, but don't be fooled. If you add in people in jails, under house arrest or under involuntary parole conditions the stat jumps to 1 in 30! That's close to 4%, so go ahead and cut off a little less than half of a finger. Just chop from the last joint of your thumb and we can call that good.

Anonymous said...

1 in 10 of African-American men aged 20-34 are in jail. (1 in 4 are on parole, probation, or in jail.)

That's a reflection on American society as a whole, not just the black community.

What's wrong with this country, and when will we start taking racial problems seriously? What will it take to get this onto the top agenda, above-the-fold, a presidential campaign issue, etc.?

A.Miel said...

Anonymous, that could be how that 10% number got into my head. I could not agree with you more and thank your for raising the issue.